Personnel certification NS 9600NA Pers 020

SOFT sertifisering AS ("SSE") certifies and issues certificates to personnel according to the requirements in NS 9600 part 6. "NS 9600 - Rope access techniques" is national certification standarder for Rope access techniques.

SSE is accredited by the Norwegian Accreditation as certification body for personnel and complies with the requirements of NS-EN ISO/IEC 17024. The accreditation number is: PERS 020


Company certification NS 9600

SOFT Sertifisering certifies training companies according to the requirements in NS 9600 part 4 and companies that deliver rope access services according to the requirements in NS 9600 part 5. The company certification is not accredited.

SOFT Sertifisering AS is a third party independent certification body, which is 100% owned by SOFT (Samarbeidsorganet for tilkomstteknikk - The norwegian trade organization for rope access)

Close to 1600 people have a valid certificate according to NS 9600


New information about exemption

The general exemption from admission requirements to course and to work with the expired certificate (certificate with expiration date 12.03 – 30.09.2020) expires on 30. September 2020. 

If you do not have the opportunity to attend a course due to COVID-19, you can apply for an extended exemption.

Application form

Send the application to

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Exemption from required seminar for Safety supervisors recertification.

As a result of the shutdown caused by the coronavirus, it has been problematic for many Safety supervisors to complete required seminar.

Safety supervisors that should have completed required seminar in the period between 12th of March 2020 and 30th of September 2020, but has not been able to complete this due to the coronavirus, will be granted an exemption from this when attending a course with examination day within 30th of September 2020.

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