Certification of companies


Application for certification and certification contract (STEP 1)
Organizations to be certified must apply for certification. Please send your application form to post@ttsoft.no. Be sure to use the standard SSE application form. Other applications will not be processed.

Application form for training companies NS 9600-3 (Download the application form (in Norwegian only)
Application form for service companies NS 9600-4 (Download the application form in Norwegian only)

Certification process companies

If your organization would like to apply for certification under both NS 9600-3 and NS 9600-4 you must submit two separate applications.

If SSE accepts your application, a certification contract will be entered into between your organization and SSE. The certification contract has a duration of 3 years. 

Document Review (STEP2)
Once the certification contract has been signed by both parties, a document review will be conducted. SSE conducts a document review based on the documentation submitted by your organization. Your organization’s Technical Manager will be notified of any non-conformances discovered during the document review process. Non-conformances must be rectified or corrective actions must be initiated before making an appointment with an auditor to visit your organization. 

Auditor’s visit (STEP 3)
The auditor’s visit normally only takes 1 day. Any non-conformances discovered during the auditor’s visit must be rectified before the organization can be certified. SSE will issue a certificate with a validity of 3 years once all non-conformances are proved to be rectified. 

Follow-up of the certificate
During the validity period, mandatory annual audits will be conducted. Annual audits may be conducted as an audit of the organization’s management, an audit in the field (of a project), a document review, an unannounced audit or a combination of the above.