Direct admission to Class A Level 2

Direct admission to Class A Level 2

If you have a long and varied experience with rope access techniques, you can apply for direct admission to Class A Level 2 model 2 at a certified training company. But first, you must apply to SOFT Sertifisering (SSE) for approval of your experience. To apply for approval, please send your climbing CV as a separate document (e.g. Word, Excel) to SSE at

Relevant experience can include: mountain climbing, ice climbing, industrial climbing in an organized form, alpine rescue services, basic rescue, climbing instruction, mountain clean-up, caving, etc.

Your CV should include all of your relevant experience and the names of routes/areas, degrees of difficulty, pitches, types of protections (own or bolts), time/seasons, references, etc.

This experience must have been acquired over at least 3 years.

If your experience is approved, SSE issues a written approval for admission to Level 2 model 2. You submit this approval along with your application for admission to the course at the certified training organization.

Duration of the course: 67.5 hours + 7.5 hours examination (10 days). Candidates with 3 years of relevant climbing experience approved by SSE, and who hold a Class A Level 1 certificate, may take an ordinary Class A Level 2 course.

Class A Level 2 model 2

- Must be at least 20 years of age

- Valid health certificate no more than 2 years old

- Written approval for admission to Level 2 model 2 from SOFT Sertifisering