Requirement for training

Requirements for training:

Class A level 1
Class A level 2
Class A level 3
Class A Safety Supervisor

Class A level 1:
• First aid
• Laws and regulations
• Maintenance and control of equipment
• Functions of equipment
• Pulley systems
• Fall protection
• Working seat and other helping systems (ergonomics)
• Exposed rope access work
• Work positioning
• Protection against sharp edges and hot pipes
• Passing re-belays, change of rope sets
• Passing deviation
• Passing knots
• Use of horizontal/diagonal lifelines
• Knots
• Buddy check
• Rescue from a descender
• Rescue from a chest clamp
• Rescue in fall arrest situations
• Knowledge of requirements for risk asessments after NS 5814
• Securing of equipment (falling objects)

Class A level 2:
In addition to requirements given under level 1 candidates on level 2 shall know:
• Fall theory
• Anchors and forces
• Rigging of belay for lead climbing
• Easy lead climbing
• Rigging of re-belay, deviations, tramlines
• Use of tramlines
• Rescue on tramlines, passed re-belay, deviations and knots
• Cross haul of lead climber
• Guidance of personnel on lower levels
• Team compositions

Class A level 3:
In addition to requirements given under level 1 and 2 candidates on level 3 shall know:
• Rigging of helping devices (ergonomics)
• Rigging of horizontal/diagonal lifelines
• Aid climbing on lead
• Complex rescue lead climber
• Rigging of all kinds og tramlines
• Rigging of complex anchors (equalizing of forces)
• How to make a rescue plan
• Improvised rescue
• Understand planning of work
• Guidance of personnel on lower levels
• Detailed knowledge about risk assessment according to NS 5814
• Detailed knowledge on maintenance and control on equipment
• Detailed knowledge on lavs, regulations and standards

Class A Safety Supervisor:
In addition to requirements given under level 1, 2 and 3 safety supervisor shall:
• Know about what is required for a safety supervisor
• Guide personnel of personnel on all levels
• Requirements for team composition
• Have detailed knowledge of how to lead personnel at work
• Lead rescue training and training on methods
• Have detailed knowledge of work planning
• Finished assistant period after NS 9600-2
• Have detailed knowledge about NS 9600
• Team leadership
• Know how to report RAT hours
• Have detailed knowledge of Safe Job Analysis (SJA) and riskasessment according to NS 5814