NS 9600 - Rope Access Technique



NS 9600 is the national standard for rope access techniques. NS 9600 is a certification standard that describes the requirements for the certification of personnel, operational organizations and training organizations in the two classes that are defined in the standard, Class A and Class B.

Class A is an advanced system for rope access work on advanced structures, where a team of certified personnel have the necessary expertise to perform all types of advanced rope access techniques and rescue personnel in connection with this work.

Class B is a simple system for rope access work with limited risk and only comprises ascent, descent and rescue in connection with these techniques.

NS 9600 stands out from all other industry standards for rope access work because it includes the certification of companies offering rope access services, with annual auditing requirements.

 NS 9600 consists of four parts:


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Part 1: Classification and certification of personnel  NS 9600 consists of four parts:

This part of the standard defines the requirements for personnel, certification bodies and basic examination principles for the certification of personnel at the various levels within Class A and Class B.

Part 2: Admission requirements and training curriculum 
This part of the standard specifies admission requirements and curriculum with requirements for training of personnel in rope access techniques. The curriculum describes what each course must include.

Part 3: Requirements for and certification of training organizations 
This part of the standard sets requirements for training organizations that hold training courses in line with NS 9600, and the certification of the training organization.

Part 4: Requirements for and certification of organizations offering rope access services 
This section describes the requirements for organizations offering services using rope access techniques as a work method, and the certification of these organizations.

The standard was established in January 2010 and has been developed in cooperation with representatives from governmental authorities, oil companies, the transport industry, fire and rescue services, training organizations, the Cooperative body for rope access (SOFT) and organizations performing rope access work.

The standard is owned by Standards Norway and can be purchased on Standards Norway’s website.